About Embarcadero C++ Builder Academic edition:

Embarcadero tools are built for elite developers who build and maintain the world’s most critical applications. Our customers choose Embarcadero because we are the champion of developers, and we help them build more secure and scalable enterprise applications faster than any other tools on the market. In fact, ninety of the Fortune 100 and an active community of more than three million users worldwide have relied on Embarcadero’s award-winning products for over 30 years.

Embarcadero® C++Builder® is the only true rapid C++ environment designed for ultra-fast development of highly-maintainable Windows GUI applications. C++Builder combines a powerful ANSI C++ tool chain with a rich and extensible visual framework supported by thousands of 3rd party components.

Quickly and easily deliver high-performance GUI applications seamlessly across multiple Windows, cloud, and database platforms. C++Builder’s fully visual two-way RAD IDE and component-based development speed and simplify building visual and data-intensive end-user applications – from lightning-fast native Windows desktop and workstation applications to interactive touch-screen, kiosk, multi-tier, Web and cloud applications

  • Reduce development time and increase quality
  • Use pre-built components to extend functionality
  • Future proof your applications

About Embarcadero C++ Builder Academic edition:

Programming in C++Builder is far more efficient than developing in other C/C++ environments or frameworks. C++Builder developers utilize the Visual Component Library (VCL) which encapsulates complex, time-consuming Windows API “adventures” into simple reusable and extendable components. Applications built with the VCL framework require writing, debugging, and testing far fewer lines of code, often up to 5x fewer lines of code that other “visual” C++ systems in real-world apps – without sacrificing performance or capability.

  • RAD two-way visual development environment and VCL component framework for building high quality and easy-to- maintain applications
  • High speed ANSI/ISO C/C++ compiler and tool chain with draft C++0x spec support
  • Integrated ISO C++ Standard Library, TR1, and Boost libraries


The more than 500 pre-built components included in C++Builder extend far beyond building user interfaces with advanced functionality for building database apps and connecting with cloud services. Extend and customize the included components, create your own, or use the thousands of free and commercial C++Builder and Delphi components. Whatever functionality you need, there’s likely a component available for it.

  • Components for building advanced and great looking user interfaces including Office-style ribbon controls, touch-enablement, reporting and charting
  • Advanced components for database app development, multi-tier applications, web apps, and internet connectivity

Embarcadero is a proud member of C++ Standards foundation, which is a Washington 501(c)(6) not-for- profit organization whose purpose is to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern Standard C++ on all compilers and platforms.

C++ Builder – some history

  • C++ Builder is in the market for the last 15 years
  • Latest version of highly popular Turbo C++
  • Turbo C++ limited capabilities, not designed for academic or training institutes
  • Has limited DB connectivity. C++ Builder academic licenses allow apps to be developed on all the major DB’s.
  • Turbo C++ no longer available for free downloads, discontinued from 2008 onwards. Any download from public websites would not compliant with the EULA.
  • Turbo C++ has limited O/S support, no support for Vista and Windows 7

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