Versatile Database IDE With Data Management And Visual Analytics For Relational, Cloud, And NoSQL Databases.

About Aquafold

Aquafold uses a single database tool to manage many tasks for numerous data sources. Aquafold easily develops, executes, and shares SQL statements. It views, filter, and edit query results in an Excel-like grid with copy-and-paste.

Aquafold creates visualizations and dashboards to analyze data with drag-and-drop, and compare schema, data, query results, files, and folders. Reverse-engineer databases into entity relationship diagrams.


Aquafold Amenities

Out tools can help you achieve strategic goals. From Database Administration, Data Modelling, Database/application development and test management.

Visually Build Queries

The Visual Query Builder helps you construct complex database queries without you having to know the syntax of SQL statements. A rich set of visual options are available to let you combine SQL clauses like JOINs, GROUP BY with properties like Indexes, Operators, Aliases, Sort Type, Sort Order and Criteria.

Easily Edit SQL Code

Aqua Data Studio brings you an advanced Query Analyzer that allows you to connect to any database server and execute SQL Queries. SQL Abbreviations, Automate and Autocomplete features save you time in writing SQL statements. Use the available Beautify options to format the SQL statements.

Edit Data in Excel Style Grid

Aqua Data Studio has a powerful Table Data Editor that allows users to edit table data with an Excel-like grid. Fill, Copy/Paste, Find and Replace on cell data operate similar to Excel. The alter, insert, delete, clone and format features give you more efficiency and flexibility to manipulate table data.

Visually Analyze Data

Visual Analytics1 allows you to pull query results into worksheets to create engaging visualizations of your data. You can create dashboards by dragging in visualizations from many worksheets and you can save and share them in workbooks with colleagues and customers allowing them to easily navigate and interact with your data.

Aquafold Resources

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