ER/Studio Data Architect is a powerful tool that helps you manage your logical and physical data models.

About Idera

IDERA provides database management and data modelling tools for monitoring, securing and improving data systems with confidence.

Improve your data quality for reliable business decisions by modelling your enterprise’s architecture to establish the foundation for data warehouses. Prevent security breaches and ensure regulatory compliance with strong access policies and activity auditing across your entire organization.

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ER/Studio Data Architect

IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect is a powerful tool that helps you easily and effectively design and manage your logical and physical data models.

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Reduce training requirements & streamline collaboration among different teams across the organization.

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SQL Idera


SQL Diagnostic Manager

Easily monitor and view the performance of physical servers, virtual servers (VMware and Hyper-V) to get a complete view of databases.

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Loaded with Features you would surely love.

Out tools can help you achieve strategic goals. From Database Administration, Data Modelling, Database/application development and test management.

Ensure Data Quality

A simplicity of design to construct databases efficiently. Visual representation to uncover potential design improvements early in the development process, and a central place to manage and govern the information and data of the organization.

Build Effective Data Governance

Databases and data warehouses are becoming increasingly complex, making it difficult for stakeholders to know what kind of data flows across their enterprise, which data is sensitive, or who has access to it.

Diverse Data Landscape

To address data quality, availability and security, and to align business goals with IT priorities, modern enterprises are turning to data governance. To design the right data governance policies for your business, you need to understand your data itself.

Increase Productivity

Microsoft SQL Server databases are critical to organizations. Ensure the availability, health, and performance of SQL Server databases on-premises and in the cloud. Monitor the performance of SQL Server by displaying in real-time the key performance metrics in a single overview dashboard.