InterBase™ is the award winning cross-platform commercial grade embeddable SQL database.

About InterBase

InterBase™ is the award winning cross-platform commercial grade embeddable SQL database for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

InterBase is a full-featured, high performance, zero administration, lightweight, embeddable relational database for software developers. Support for ACID-compliant transactions, Referential Integrity, Triggers, Cursors Stored Procedures, Functions (including user-defined functions), and Data Domains.

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Loaded with Features you would surely love.

Out tools can help you achieve strategic goals. From Database Administration, Data Modelling, Database/application development and test management.


InterBase is one of the fastest native databases available, with a small, lightweight footprint. InterBase leverages today’s multicore CPUs and multi-CPU systems, combined with a unique versioning approach.


Your app and business runs on data, making database disaster recovery a critical feature. Interbase supports effective disaster recovery planning through live backups, incremental dumps, multithreaded restore, write-ahead logging, and point-in-time recovery.


InterBase’s Change Views feature reduces development time, network costs, and server CPU demand associated with other replication methods that rely on traditional change-tracking methods.


Attacks on databases and loss of data can be costly and lead to loss of customers’ trust (and business), regulatory action, and heavy fines. InterBase provides over-the-wire and at-rest encryption, separate security login, and role-based user security.


Server Data Storage. Commercial-grade data storage on both server and clients powering online and offline application capabilities. InterBase Server, Developer and Trial editions are suitable for installed servers.

SQL Compliant

InterBase is an SQL standards-compliant database. InterBase strictly follows SQL industry standards. It supports unicode and is ideal for any character set globally, and it offers multiple-join unicode, real-time event alerts


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