Remoting SDK

The Easy Way To Build Distributed Apps And Publishing It So It Is Accessible Across The Network.

About Remoting SDK

In today’s day and age, most apps no longer live in isolation – they need to communicate with a server component, or “the cloud” – to get updated data, exchange information between users of the app, or the like.

Remoting SDK is a suite of libraries that lets you build this communication into your apps, easily. It covers both sides of the coin. Writing your server-side code and publishing it so it is accessible across the network. Connecting and talking to those servers, from the client applications your end users are using.


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Servers can be written in Delphi, C++Builder and .NET (C#, Visual Basic.NET, Swift, Oxygene, and Java). They can be deployed to Linux, Windows and macOS servers, including cloud hosting providers such as Amazon Web Services or Azure, and of course self-hosted servers – giving you a wide range of options and flexibility.

Intro to Remoting SDK for .NET (6:03)


Clients are applications that talk to your servers, and Remoting SDK allows you to add client functionality to apps written in just about any modern programming tool, and for all current platforms. Windows developers can use Remoting SDK directly from .NET ( C#, Oxygene, Swift, Java or Visual Basic) or Delphi and C++Builder to add client connectivity to their apps.

Intro to Remoting SDK for Delphi (6:06)


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