Ext React

DataApps is now enabled to sell Sencha products as a Master Distributor of Idera and Embarcadero in India.

Sencha Ext JS

Ext JS helps you build data-intensive, cross-platform web apps for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Ext React

Building React components on your own is time consuming, has integration and maintenance risks, and gets in the way of actually building the app.

Ext js

Sencha Ext JS provides everything a developer needs to build data-intensive, cross-platform web applications. Ext JS leverages HTML5 features on modern browsers.

Sencha Test

The most comprehensive unit and end-to-end testing solution for Ext JS apps. By providing the deepest integration with Ext JS, Sencha Test ensures you get the highest test accuracy.


Sencha GXT is the most comprehensive Java framework for building feature-rich web applications for both desktops and tablets. It uses the GWT compiler.


Architect empowers your team to build HTML5 applications using drag-and-drop features, so you spend less time on manual coding and your application code is optimized for high performance.