• 24 essential desktop tools for your everyday SQL Server needs
  • Run every day diagnostics across multiple SQL servers
  • Complete administrative tasks in minutes, not hours
  • Perform analysis on your SQL data


SQL Backup Status
Check whether your databases are backed up
SQL search
Search for text anywhere you have SQL code (stored procedures, functions, triggers etc..)
SQL Object Search
Find objects by name anywhere they are hiding in your SQL servers
SQL Discovery
Find the SQL servers lurking on your network
SQL Password Checker
Check the strength of your SQL Server passwords
SQL Connection Check
Diagnose connection problems, quickly determine why users can’t reach your SQL servers


SQL Multi Query
Execute and manage queries across multiple SQL servers
SQL Database Mover
Move or copy a database and associated logins across servers or relocate data files
SQL Login Copy
Copy server logins across SQL servers
SQL User Clone
Create a new user using an existing user as a template
SQL Job Mover
Move and copy between servers
SQL Job Editor
View and edit jobs across multiple SQL servers
SQL Quick Reindex
Quickly review and rebuild the indexes on your SQL servers
SQL Server Configuration
Compare and edit server configuration for one or more SQL servers
SQL Database Configuration
Compare and edit database configuration for one or more databases
SQL Partition Generator
View existing partition information and generate new partitions
SQL Connection String Generator
Wade the multitude of options for connection strings and create your own in seconds
SQL Table Pin
View and manage the pinned status of your tables (SQL Server 2000 and earlier only)
SQL Server Linked Copy Tool
Quickly and easily copies linked servers from one server to another


SQL Inventory Reporter
Get a list of everything important about your SQL servers, including version, hardware and more
SQL Patch Analyzer
Report and analyze your SQL Server version levels
SQL Index Analyzer
Analyze your indexes for usage patterns and sizes. Determine if you need more, less etc…
SQL Space Analyzer
Analyze space utilization of your SQL Server by drive or database
SQL Server Statistics
View loads of statistics about your SQL Server
SQL Server Ping
Keep a constant eye on the status of your SQL servers