SQL Diagnostic Manager
Performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics

  • Monitor and view the performances of physical and virtual environments
  • See the causes of blocks and deadlocks with query plan monitoring
  • Find and troubleshoot past issues using history browsing
  • Avoid false alerts with predictive alerting
  • Forecast database growth to minimize server sprawl
  • View top issues and alerts from anywhere with the web-based dashboard

SQL BI Manager
Monitor and manage the health and availability of SSAS, SSRS & SSIS

  • Monitor SSAS, SSRS, & SSIS health with agentless monitoring
  • View active sessions, workload, and report generation performance
  • Identify issues with access to data including cube size and resource utilization
  • Set up alerts with configurable thresholds

SQL Enterprise Job Manager
Monitor and manage SQL Server agent jobs across the enterprise

  • Monitor SQL Server agent jobs across the enterprise
  • Easily view job status and details with a familiar calendar layout
  • Chain jobs together to build automated workflows
  • Set alerts to be notified of potential issues
  • Web-based architecture simplifies deployment